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Thursday, 9 August 2012

Nurse With Wound - Homotopy To Marie

Nurse With Wound are one of the classics of British experimental music. Often lumped in with industrial as they were from the same era and their paths crossed quite often in the whole early 80s noisey tape release thing. However, they were slightly more 'arty' or 'highbrow' or at least they weren't into the whole shock value/let's be extreme as possible thing.

It was all tape cut ups and sound experiments from people who'd immersed themselves in experimental music in the 70s. The Nurse With Wound List is an infamous list of obscure experimental music that was included in their first album. It's now almost a '101 Things You Must Hear If You're Into Experimental Music Before You Die' book.

Homotopy To Marie is their fifth album I think. It was one of the only ones Nurse With Wound had put on their bandcamp that I'd actually heard so that's why I'm posting it. It's as good an example of their stuff that you'll come across so worth checking out.

It's also good to see older independent musicians who may have been old-fogey-ish embracing digital stuff. It's also good that the money will be going straight to the artist as I believe Nurse With Wound got shafted when World Serpent Distribution collapsed.

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