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Friday, 3 August 2012

Grace/Tide Of Iron split 7"

Ok, I bought this 7" at the first opportunity I could. Two of the best new bands in the UK punk/hardcore/blah scene. Grace are more metallic hardcore while Tide Of Iron are noise rock. It's out on the ever reliable Super Fi records. Both bands kill live and the recordings do them justice. Recommended with two thumbs up.

Grace have some of that 90s metallic hardcore that's a bit chaotic but a bit melodic in their blood. Unbroken, Botch, Mean Season, Coalesce, Harvest, Converge and all that jazz. They're not stuck in the past and it's not exact copycat stuff but it's just vaguely where the sound lies. It's not a million miles away from one of their previous bands, Thirty Seconds Until Armageddon. They're also ex-Jinn but aren't quite as fast and deranged as that post-Ebola band. It's more controlled and mid-paced.

Tide Of Iron sound like they're a bunch of grizzly, bear soaked noise rockers in some crazy gun-toting redneck town in 90s America that Tom Hazelmeyer discovered for Amphetamine Reptile. I guess witnessing an episode of Geordie Shore might explain things. Basically, if you love all that Am Rep stuff and Keelhaul/Today Is The Day/Unsane/Glazed Baby and all the rest of the riff-heavy 90s noise rock stuff then this will be right up your street. They're also ex-Marzuraan who were one of the most relentless far out guitar bands the UK produced this millenium. No 10 minute drawn out dirges but more quick punches to the face.

Well worth your time.

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