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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Neon Piss - s/t

Class bit of tuneful punk rock here. Obviously love a load of old 80s stuff like The Wipers. In fact, they sound quite a lot like The Observers who produced possibly the best tuneful punk album in the noughties. Do yourself a favour and check them out too:-

Some of them do a new, equally good, band called Red Dons. they chuck in a threw Observers songs. saw them a few years back and they played that banger.

Anyway, back to Neon Piss. Unfortunately I missed them when they came over a few months back. Not by choice though. I'd been playing the hell out of this album and the songs had really got under my skin. (NB I nearly typed "gotten" then. Sweet jesus)

I imagine it's the kind of thing that Maximum Rock n Roll are all over. If you're like me and only dabble in the MRR world but enjoy a decent punk record every now and again then this will probably do the trick.

Oh, and well done for Deranged Records for putting a load of their releases on bandcamp. It's pretty much exactly how diy labels should do it - http://derangedrecords.bandcamp.com

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