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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Hark - s/t 7" (Super Fi Records)

I could well imagine having seing a video of this on Noisey Mothers and running down to the record shop on Monday lunchtime to pick up the single. It's got a fair few influences from the more respectable end of 90s alternative metal stuff. I'm hearing touches of 'Plastic Green Head' era Trouble, Only Living Witness, Kyuss, some of that post-NYHC Revelation Records stuff that got a bit more MTV like Quicksand, non-twatty Alice In Chains, Handsome and whatnot. You know, the stuff you can still listen to today and genuinely enjoy. It's not a retro exercise as there's also some Torche and Mastodon things going on. That thing where it's totally heavy but dead tuneful as well. At other points it's almost blazing heavy metal twin guitar solos.

I think I might be making Hark sound like some godawful Kerrang band. They're really not. You may well remember some of them from Taint and they haven't fallen too far from the tree. Basically, a ton of heavy riffs but perhaps more tuneful this time. I mean, there's a lot of complex things going on if you want to enjoy it on that level but it's not overbearingly 'technical' as you're head will happily be nodding along while listening.

It's even worth picking up just for the packaging. It's nice to see some real effort and thought gone in. There's a faily elaborate card envelope that has been screenprinted by hand with original artwork. It looks and feels really good.

You'd have to be pretty foolish not to pick this one up.

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