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Friday, 29 November 2013

Poison Idea - Kings Of Punk (Southern Lord)

Bona fide classic.

Friday, 15 November 2013

Beast As God demo


You're going to fucking love this if you're record collection contains Unruh, Catharsis, Integrity, Acme, Kickback, Turmoil, Bloodlet, Starkweather, Acrid, Thoughts Of Ionesco, Stalingrad etc.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Radioactivity - s/t (Dirtnap)

A couple of members of Marked Men's new thing. It looks like Marked Men, smells like Marked Men and quacks like Marked Men. Tuneful punk rock of the highest order. Real songwriting and that. Just listen to the second song 'Other Life'. If you don't feel like putting it on repeat then you're dead to me. Oh, and 'Get Straight' too.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Basic House - Oats (Alter)

Murky electronics on Alter from blokey from Opal Tapes/Drunk In Hell. The album is called Oats so am I allowed to make a godawful pun about how the house might have a hall in it? Screw you.

Boomkat are selling the FLAC. Here's their blurb:-

Opal Taper, Stephen Bishop's intrepid Basic House project is steadily becoming one of the most fascinating off-road electronic projects around. 'Oats', for Luke Younger's highly esteemed Alter imprint, places him in good company alongside textural and rhythmic explorers such as Jamal Moss, Helm and Damien Dubrovnik. It's his 2nd album of 2013 after the crumbling deconstructions of 'Caim In Bird Form' for Digitalis, and finds his sound at once congealing and diffusing with a unique sonic syntax. Textural decay demarcates its six tracks, flowing from the buckled tape loops and guttural bass thump of 'AR II' to the soiled grunge techno of 'Child Confession' by way of a trans-temporal fag break of porno lite keys and a gasping vocal fragment before heading back into the concrète workshop ambience of 'Interiors' to close the first side. On the second, 'Est Oan' features a chamber group of swirling shapes and acephalic voices, before the grotty expanse of 'B.G. Feathers' crackins with distortion before the sinkhole of 'Dry Contact' slowly swallows its contents in a gurgling muck soup. Like any good and properly *new* music, Basic House is breaking down convention and rebuilding new forms with each subsequent release...

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Imperial Triumphant - Goliath

Bit of Deathspell Omega/Blut Aus Nord black metal action from some folk in Pyrrhon. Colin Marston makes a guest appearance with a solo so you know it's pedigree stuff.