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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Neglected - demo (Power Violence)

The lesser spotted "non shitty new PV band" was how a friend described them. Not a bunch of half-arsed Infest riffs and lyrics about pizza. It's Iron Lung/Endless Blockade territory. Neglected are from Turkey so I guess they've got genuine reasons to be angry

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Pink City - Virgins

More great noise rock stuff. Not as pounding and brutal as earlier Pink City stuff. They've found some FX and parts sound a bit like Nirvana drunkenly trying to do My Bloody Valentine stuff. I mean that as a compliment ;-)

Still lots of heavy thudding guitars and screeds of noise though.

Great stuff. Get on it.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Spoonful Of Tar mix 3

Spoonful Of Tar mix 3 by Ewanfrater on Mixcloud

Just a short mix of some stuff I've been enjoying recently - Dead Lord, Power Trip, Tony Molina, The Barreracudas, Mikal Cronin, Lurch, Alabaster, Red Hare

Art Of Burning Water song from new 7"

Mentioned before about how fucking awesome Art Of Burning Water are

This is a song from a forthcoming 7". Quality noise rock ('math metal?) riffage.

You can't download it just yet but the label seems to have all it's other releases available as 'pay what you like' downloads.

tile - You Had A Friend In Pennsylvania

I've been waiting for this album for quite a while. They put an amazing 7" on Kvlt Of Nihilow but that was back in 2010.

Thankfully it doesn't disappoint. It's more top tier noise rock. At times there's Pissed Jeans-esque tunes but generally just thunders the riffs along.

Definitely an album I'm picking up on vinyl.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Richard Pinhas - Desolation Row

Two awesome things to note. Firstly, there's a new Richard Pinhas album and it's sounding pretty damn good. Secondly, Cuneiform Records have put tons of their back catalogue up on bandcamp.

If you're unaware of who Richard Pinhas is then you need to get your lugholes around Stand By by Heldon. Wild 70s French prog rock band. King Crimson and Magma type freakouts. Essential stuff.

Richard Pinhas's solo stuff is a bit Fripp & Eno but minus any kind of 'ambient' Eno influence. He did a collaboration record with Merzbow for fucks sake.

Anyway, if you love genuinely innovative and unique guitar stuff then you need to at least check out some of his stuff.

Moon Tooth - Ebb/Flow

Got a friend who's always got his ear to the ground for awesome tech metal stuff. This was his tip for today. Lots of techy widdle and odd time signatures. Vocals weren't quite what i was expecting. Kind of sung which makes it sound more like Dream Theater or something like that. They also seem to have a bit of a knack for basing all the widdle on something approaching an actual tune.

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Pornography - Heaven (noise rock)

Think I must be getting old because my reaction to this band name is to roll my eyes and sigh.

Crap name aside, this is some horrid Swans style noise rock. Repetitive dischords battered out in a most uncomfortable manner.

Good shit.

Perturbator - I Am The Night


This is absolutely superb! This album is described as "80s" and one of the tracks is titled "Technoir"... so you can probably guess by now what to expect from this. Yes, total 80s scifi movie soundtrack worship! Really solid stuff; driving, pumping, sexy, synthy, utterly evocative of every 80s trashy scifi/action film I grew up absolutely loving.

To every person who grew up in the 80s and has seen The Terminator about ten million times (so, me then) you will fucking love this!