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Thursday, 13 June 2013

Richard Pinhas - Desolation Row

Two awesome things to note. Firstly, there's a new Richard Pinhas album and it's sounding pretty damn good. Secondly, Cuneiform Records have put tons of their back catalogue up on bandcamp.

If you're unaware of who Richard Pinhas is then you need to get your lugholes around Stand By by Heldon. Wild 70s French prog rock band. King Crimson and Magma type freakouts. Essential stuff.

Richard Pinhas's solo stuff is a bit Fripp & Eno but minus any kind of 'ambient' Eno influence. He did a collaboration record with Merzbow for fucks sake.

Anyway, if you love genuinely innovative and unique guitar stuff then you need to at least check out some of his stuff.

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