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Friday, 27 July 2012

Pop punk and RVIVR

Right then, our friend George (@Georgianafleur) is going to start contributing some stuff too. Apparently she's going to "ruin [the blog] with girl punk and French electro pop". So here's the first installment:-

"Like Ewan and Kevin, I've been getting frustrated at the lack of legal digital downloads outside of itunes. I recently saw some hipster bands upstairs in a bar and their recordings came in two formats - vinyl and CASSETTE. Unacceptable. I don't have the facility to play these and don't intend to change that. I wanted to exchange cash for their art but they recommended I download it for free. I think they were missing the point. I'm an adult with a disposable income that I enjoy exchanging for art work, telling me it's free if I search their name + mediafire makes me sad.

So finally, a DIY label I have respect for. Read about Rumbletowne here - http://www.rumbletowne.com/rtr/node/15. They respect the need for accessible music to those without funds but also have donation buttons with suggested donations for MP3s. They even encourage full album downloads instead of song by song.

I stumbled across this American DIY label during my obsession with both male and female vocal punk bands. RVIVR are my showcase for today with their Re-release of their first two 7"s and the Dirty Water EP. (Kevin will hate them)


They are an American melodic, energetic punk with dual vocals, catchy riffs and a righteous attitude. These are things I am a fan of. Like bands before them, they use inspiring music with political themes. Try them out, great as summertime music and one of many bands in this genre that's picking up again. Whole tracklisting is great, can tell it's a compilation of previous EPs but a geat introduction to a great band."

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