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Friday, 20 July 2012

A Quick Introduction Pt. 2

So, Ewan decided to make a new blog about sharing links to DIY albums available to buy digitally in FLAC from Bandcamp (or elsewhere, but I'm guessing it's mostly gonna be from Bandcamp). We'd been ranting to ourselves on Twitter about how much we believe that DIY bands and labels should be releasing their music in this way for many different reasons and were getting annoyed by various antiquated and idealistically stupid reasons why labels/bands were choosing not to release their music in this way.

Anyway, Ewan has let me post here too as I'm always discovering incredible stuff on Bandcamp and (from personal experiences of releasing my own music on Bandcamp) I didn't see many blogs or online vehicles where people helped to spread the word about great music they find there, instead bowing to the bullshit snobbery of "if it isn't physical then it ain't a proper release".

I'm gonna post links to great music on here, but I'm also gonna try and write some reasoned posts as to why I believe that the "paid for" FLAC download model is a REALLY positive thing for DIY music and should be embraced by everyone. I also fully support people doing the "pay what/if you want" or the completely free thing with their music on Bandcamp too. It's all good!

So yeah, more to come soon, but I'm hoping we can highlight some great music here and also inspire more people to use these new technologies to support DIY music.


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