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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

A Quick Introduction

Recently one thing I've been ranting about is the fact that's it's hard to buy a lot of DIY hardcore and other types of punk rock digitally. There's 687 trillion blogs with mediafire and rapidshare links for free. The better ones actually write about the band and also include links to the label to buy it. And, of course, there's good old Soulseek.

Downloading stuff for free is fine. Lord only knows the number of records I've bought having already downloaded it. Pretty much now I'm not going to buy a record unless I already know I like it. Also, it's great being able to check touring bands out beforehand and get to know the songs.

I'm guessing you know all that and probably agree since you've stumbled upon a DIY music blog with links to the music. Especially if you googled Band Name - Album Title - Mediafire. Yeah, don't lie to me and say you've never done that.

Increasingly, though, I'm becoming less and less bothered with actually owning a physical record. For a select few bands I really love I'll still want the vinyl. Yeah, there's CDs but I'm half tempted to hire a skip, fill it with all my CDs, douse them in petrol and set it on fire.

More and more, I want to be able get FLAC. And not just get FLAC for free. I want to pay for FLAC. At some point I'll do a post outlining all the whys and wherfores about that but for the moment I'll leave it as I'd like to buy FLAC. I'd like to cut out as many middle men as possible and give bands/labels my money for the music directly.

And so we come to the point of the blog. Basically it's like any of the other music download blogs out there but focusing on DIY stuff where you can pay for a download.

Hopefully it'll be reasonably successful in encouraging more DIY bands and labels to sell music downloads and help them to not lose quite as much money.

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