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Sunday, 29 July 2012

Pallbearer - Sorrow and Extinction

tl;dr Album of the year. Doom. Candlemass

This is the best record of 2012. I don't care that there's still half a year to go. There's no way on earth that this is going to get beaten. There was a good month or so when I listened to this at least once a day. Recent lack of access to the stereo is the only reason that run has been broken.

NPR were streaming the album back in February and it was instantly clear that it topped their non-too-shabby demo from the other year. Listened to that loads and grabbed a cheeky mediafire link to wait out the time before the official release. Official release came and it was a CD on Profound Lore. Think I might have mentioned I hate CDs. Thankfully 20 Buck Spin are doing a double LP of it which should come out at some point. Just saw Profound Lore put it up on their bandcamp for sale so just bought the FLAC of it and you can really tell the difference. Sounds so much better than ropey mp3s. Still reckon I'm going to get the vinyl as well though.

Anyway, the music. Musically this is total doom stuff but totally tuneful. Could well imagine this having come out on Hellhound donkeys years ago. Candlemass is a a reference that gets bandied around a lot with them and there's certainly an influence in there. It doesn't 'sound like' Candlemass though. They've got a similar melodic sensibility though despite the fact the songs are stretched out even further. I guess it's also because the singer actually sings rather than growls. There's an incredible bit about 10 minutes into the first song, Foreigner, where the vocals kick back in which sends shivers down my spine. You'll recognise that bit when you hear it.

Basically, if you like any kind of music spawned from Black Sabbath then you'll love it. Guaranteed.


  1. Actually, yeah, scrap what I said about Chimp Spanner. This is clearly the album of 2012 so far, hands down. Utterly incredible stuff, I've listened to it God knows how many times since it came out.

  2. my other contender for album of the year is Forward Strategy Group. I'm really hoping Pallbearer come over and do Roadburn or something