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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Pere Ubu and Neil Young

OK, the new Pere Ubu and Neil Young songs are really good.

I'm now going to say a bunch of words like mediafire, rapidshare, zippyshare, free download, megaupload, lossless, piratebay, israbox, torrent, filestube.

As Pere Ubu and Neil Young are both on large record labels I'm presuming they have people employed to try and stamp out free downloads and piracy etc.

Fingers crossed I've used enough naughty words for them to find this blog while they're googling. If this happens to be your job and you're now reading this please could you pass this brief message on to your manager or someone involved in trying to get the artist/label as much cash money as possible:-

I would like to buy both the new Neil Young album and the new Pere Ubu album. However, they are not available to buy anywhere as FLAC (or any other lossless digital format). I'm not paying hard cash for shitty mp3s from itunes/amazon. I don't want a bit of crappy plastic. I just want the music exactly how it came out of the studio (ie FLAC/Lossless) and I'm more than happy to pay for it. There's loads of other people like me. Stop pissing around while you're industry tanks and just sell us the damn music.

Both albums are well worth checking out so here's a couple of youtube vids.

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