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Thursday, 7 February 2013

Om Unit - Aeolian EP

Some top notch post dubstep/UK garage underground beat stuff.

Bits of it even remind me of things like Tricky and Massive Attack. Particularly Dark Sunrise with Tamara Blessa. It's worth posting the video for that as well.

Shifts in between kind of dark down tempo stuff like that to full on drum and bass spliced up breaks. Kind of a nice surprise as you don't hear them too often now. At least not in stuff like this.

Boomkat are also selling it - http://boomkat.com/downloads/549904-om-unit-aeolian-reso-sweatson-klank-mixes

and this is their blurb which is probably a better description:-

Something of a producer's producer, Jim Om Unit rarely disappoints in his releases, but recently he seems to have found a particularly rich vein of form and is producing some of the most confident, club-destroying and ear-kissing gear of his career. 'Ulysses' is a more delicate take on the juke-jungle hybridising of he and Machinedrum's Dream Continuum project, with nods to the original garage ravers but moreover the rain-slicked cityscapes evoked by Kuedo and the sighing, synthed-out R&B vistas of Clams Casino et al. 'Dark Sunrise' is an out-and-out dubstep killer, with irresistible vamps, ruffneck subs and spry, impeccably LDNish vocals courtesy of Tamara Blessa. 'Fumes' and 'Lightworkers Call' (a Kromestar collaboration) are satisfying syntheses of dreamy instrumentation and rudeboy stoppage, and as with 'Dark Sunrise' the rhythms deftly suggest that hip-hop and dubstep might be closer cousins than is usually admitted. The footwork futurism returns for 'Slowfast Matrix' and Sweatson Clank's remix of 'Ulysses', and the same track gets a fabulous, unexpected d'n'b makeover - with shades of circuit-fried Rephlex/Warp braindance - by Reso.

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