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Monday, 11 February 2013

Cymophane - Cymophane

This is a shameless plug as it's something I was involved in, but hey, enough people read this blog now that a few more people might listen and enjoy it.

This was a ludicrous labour of love by myself and Mr Ian "SDZH" and I still believe the efforts paid off. What we have here is total John Carpenter/Tangerine Dream/Vangelis film soundtrack worship married to a love for early 90s ambient electronica such as FSOL and Biosphere, but then mixed together with later era Dub and Techno, especially of the gritty and atmospheric variety. Special effort was put into making a cohesive album, hoping to take the listener on an evocative journey through many styles of electronic music, really mixing together the styles of its creators. There's dark droning passages leading into breakbeat heavy monsters like "This Unclean Spirit", to the blissful ambience of "Dead Men Naked...", to the head-down, menacing, devastating conclusion to "Kissed Bionics".

If anyone likes these tracks enough to DJ them on a proper sound-system  please tell me as it would make my lifetime to hear them blasted out properly. Also, if enough people download this and enjoy it, Ewan and I have the most amazing idea for a vinyl release on his newly minted label (go buy the Godstopper LP NOW!)... just planting seeds, you know...


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