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Friday, 8 February 2013

Kromosom - Live Forever (Southern Lord)


In Kromosom's world I think the definition of 'live' is ultra-distorted blown out chaotic d-beat noise punk. It makes their previous bands (Nuclear Death Terror and Pisschrist) sound like prog rock. It's also ex-Scientific Bong who did a split with Knifed many moons ago.

Anyway, this compiles their long sold out cassette and 7"s. Good job too as it's well worth a listen. Kudos to Southern Lord for putting out punk stuff that is this raw. It's definitely the real deal.

Friends that live for the rawest most obscure punk noise have raved about this lot for a while and this is a good a place as any to dip your toes into that world.

Buy this record, a massive bottle of white cider and destroy everything.

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