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Friday, 14 September 2012

Old Apparatus - Realise

AVAILABLE FROM BOOMKAT HERE - http://boomkat.com/downloads/564011-old-apparatus-realise-ep

Creepy and dusty electronic music. Maybe a bit like Burial. Definitely not d*b s**p though. All a bit odd.

The Boomkat write up explains it reasonably well:-

The second EP salvo on the Old Apparatus collective's recently minted Sullen Tone label, and it's quality all the way, this time credited as the solo work (more or less) of LTO . 'Chicago' ain't no acid house jam, rather it's a grave little number propelled by maudlin piano arpeggios and chopped-up steppers' drums - if you've been digging Four Tet and Burial's recent gear, you'll dig this, it has a similar balance of melodic drama and dancefloor fire. 'Found' and the more subdued 'Realise' nod to second generation IDM and Warp Records, numerous acoustic and electronic elements woven into expansive, beautifully textured tapestries, at once contributing to and buffeted by compellingly abstract, unpredictable rhythms. The scuttling, crepuscular electro of 'Holding' provides the highlight for us: it has a truly sinister edge to it, with hints of the more low-slung among AFX's Analord productions, and even some well-turned noir-jazz flourishes a la Photek.

More than worth the £2.95 it costs to buy the FLAC.

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