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Monday, 10 September 2012

Bosse De Nage - III

This is another album I've been playing the shit out of for a couple of months with a naughty internet copy. Glad Profound Lore have put it up on bandcamp as the FLAC version sounds so much better.

Bosse De Nage often get described as something like Slint gone black metal. And that's a fair description. If that means nothing to you and you've never heard a record called Spiderland then you probably need to get your priorities sorted. You need to hear it.

If you like Slint and black metal, though, you're probably turning your nose up at the idea. Perhaps the image of Vice-reading schmucks with ironic moustaches and no socks has entered your mind. Don't worry, this isn't false. This contains a member of Slough Feg and they're very much old, grizzly proper metal.

It's possibly not 'black metal' in the strictest sense but who cares about that? Not me.

I'm honestly struggling to describe it accurately. Every phrase I come up with just makes it sound like one of those bloody awful Isis clones.

It's bloody brilliant though and that's all I can say.

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