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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Abul Mogard - s/t

This is some pretty interesting stuff. It's kind of experimental noise/synth stuff. However, it's all done by a retired Serbian factory worker with synths he's made himself.

The Outer Church have an interview with him here - http://theoriginalouterchurch.tumblr.com/post/30388556632/abul-mogard-was-born-in-belgrade-an-ex-factory that is well worth a read.

The album is available as pay-what-you-like digital download but also in a really elaborate wooden/plexiglass handmade edition.

Here's the blurb:-

Abul Mogard approached music in old age. He was born in Belgrad and spent most of his life working in a Serbian factory.

When he retired, he felt that his accustomed environment with all the acoustic noises he had been listening to during his working years, was gone.

Music was a way to somehow recreate these surroundings, and not having a formal musical education he realized that using electronic musical instruments would make this possible.

These machines could also make similar sounds to the ones he remembered. He started working with synthesizers and other devices, some of which he has built himself over the past few years.

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