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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Jodis - Black Curtain (Hydrahead)

Only given it one listen through but I am definitely buying this come payday at the end of the week.

Jodis feature one Mr James Plotkin who was in OLD (aka Old Lady Drivers). They were one of the weirdest bands on Earache back in the 90s.

I remember riding my bike doing my paper round listening to stuff like Marzuraan by OLD and liking it, but not quite getting it.

Years later I finally heard their final album, Formula, which was more trippy and almost like the Cocteau Twins or something.

Then, of course, came Khanate with the Southern Lord/Sunn folk. They were great too. Anyway, Jodis was the band Plotkin formed after the demise of Khanate. Was another bloke from Khanate (i think) and Aaron Turner from Hydrahead/Isis. For some reason I only briefly checked out their first album they did a few years back. I remember it being pretty harsh. And that's harsh compared with Khanate!

This is kind of more trippy. The reason for all the OLD stuff I posted at the beginning was that it kind of reminded me of Formula era OLD. It doesn't sound anything much like it. More the fact that it's kind of nicer sounding and vaguely musical but also still odd.

Onto the second listen now and it's definitely sounding like it's a keeper.

Oh, if you haven't heard, Hydrahead is going to be calling it a day. Read all the reasons here - http://hydraheadlines.blogspot.co.uk/2012/09/the-imminent-demise-of-hydra-head.html. Shame as they were a great label. Definitely make sure you support them by buying their releases. They've got a ton of releases up on Bandcamp as well so get on it - http://hydrahead.bandcamp.com/


  1. Shame this isn't available to buy via bandcamp, though. Sigh... for a label that's going under you'd think they'd be doing as much as possible to get people to pay for their music.

  2. You can buy it digitally through Bandcamp. The release date of the album is 2nd October so that's next tuesday. Better than it's up to stream and pre-order before the release date than tagged on months afterwards as an afterthought