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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Losing The Battle - Live At The 1in12

Quick post before I do some more reviews later in the week. Here's something from my new bandcamp page of old UK DIY demos and things. It's an old band of mine called Losing The Battle (or Motley Crudos or Monkey Tennis). In our heads it was like a cross between Botch and His Hero Is Gone. Members have played in a bunch of other bands like Gruel, My Name Is Satan, Orrin De Forest, Doom, Jobbykrust, Health Hazard, The Devils, Servo. More than can be mentioned really. We played some gigs over a couple of years and it was fun (especially The Bacon Factory in London). This was a live set recorded at the 1in12 in Bradford. It was recorded via the studio so you can actually hear what's going on.

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