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Monday, 1 October 2012

Godstopper - What Matters

No, not Godstomper. Godstopper. And no, it's not grindcore. It's....it's....it's....I dunno. It's not a 'genre' band. It's fucking awesome that's for sure.

A friend described them as a cross between Today Is The Day and Weezer. It's in that weird world of Harvey Milk and Mare and Torche where doom meets pop. However, Godstopper are slightly more on the sick and twisted side of the riffage and also quite super tuneful. Oh yeah, chuck in some Melvins as well.

It totally works as well. And I can't get my head around how the horrible riffs turn into poppy melodies without the slightest kind of obvious jarring.

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  1. Holy jesus FUCK is this good. Downloaded immediately and enjoying immensely. Looking forward to the vinyl.