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Sunday, 12 May 2013

Simon Aulman - Doctored Placebo

Welcome to my newest planet of grotesque elephantine distortion and tender licking exquisiteness. Yes I like this one quite a lot - but the newest one is always overrated. It starts the way I'd love everything to start and belly and end - with something blunderingly simple and repetitive. Unfortunately it sounds more repetitive than it really is. It sounds like some lazy five second loop going on till OAPdom. But it's actually quite complicated and if you listen hard you can hear how it moves from being jumpy and off-kilter to being smoother and better-flowing. But no one will listen hard - or soft - or at all. And that's how it should be. I'm bored of it already. The moment the final track is starting to upload I want to get on to the next thing. The second track is actually even lazier than the first one. How I love lazy music. It's the kind of slightly odd music that your mum loves - because it's so insta-sexily hip-in/out rhythmic - but every muso will despise it because it's just a lazy echo-y thing. The title of the second track is inspired by the title of that absolutely fantastic old documentary about Chet Baker - "Let's Get Lost" - which I watched this morning before it got light, before the boot-sale. If Let's Get Lost is still on youtube then it's well worth a pot - and probably a more delightful experience than hearing this album. A lot of work went into the third and fourth tracks. When I say "a lot of work" I mean about an hour each. Which for someone as impatient as myself is a long time in front of the computer. I totally love them. But it's the same love you have for your own farts and your own children and poetry and dreams - no one else is intrigued. But anyone who makes it to the centre of the tracks will maybe like the lusher slower keys, losing the war against the terrible distortion. And maybe not. The long final track is probably fairly boring to anyone else, but I like it and I can assure you it's not repetitive at all - every moment is unique. This is my favourite album so far. Everything was made in LMMS - which I've now been using for about a month. I haven't learnt anything more since about the second day. Malcolm Gladwell says that in another ten thousand hours I should be a genius at it. The prang is that it's getting harder - the more I know the harder it is to keep it simple and naive and I'm losing the freedom of being able to think Oh Bugger It and then just echo everything so that boring random bangs become simple minimal swaying procreative pleasures. I spent more time doing the cover than I did doing the first and second and final tracks and look how crappy-naff-sicky that photo turned out, which is a good lesson to anyone else who is patiently polishing their turd.

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