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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Music From Saharan Cellphones Vol 2

Contemporary pop music from the Sahara desert, where songs are stored on cellphones. Collected in Northern Mali in 2010 (since taken over by extremists who've banned music on cellphones) the second volume expands into new sonic territory - from dreamy Niger guitar ballads, Bamako club juke, to hi energy Moroccan child Raï - with a focus on the Autotuned DIY creations circulating the desert.

Only half way through listening to this second instalment of Music From Saharan Cellphones but it's standing up well with the awesome first volume.

Basically, it covers the mutant sounds of the Saharan desert. A scene where music gets passed around via mobile phones. Completely the antithesis of "authentic" Womad style world music. Recognisably African in sound but filtered through autotune and hip hop and rock but in completely and utterly unique ways.

Impossible to describe really. It's totally sui generis.

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