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Monday, 21 January 2013

Sauna Youth - False Jesii Pt.2 / Oh Joel 7"

I know exactly what's going through your head right now. You're wondering why in the name of fuck a band has done a Pissed Jeans cover. And a recent Pissed Jeans song as well. Weak as fuck right?

You'll be surprised. I was. Sauna Youth have turned that Pissed Jeans banger into a shambolic mid-80s indie pop song. And it works. Pleasantly surprised. Always a good thing when a band totally puts their own stamp on a cover version. Honestly, who needs another d-beat band covering Discharge or other bands doing similar pointless covers.

The other song is more rough tuneful indie pop stuff. The label likens them to the Fizzbombs, The Flatmates or The Rosehips but I've never heard of any of them. Sounds a bit like Kenickie or Helen Love to me but my knowledge of this stuff is pretty much limited to whatever Peel would play in the late 90s.

Definitely reckon Peel would have played this release though. That's as good a recommendation as any.

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