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Monday, 21 January 2013

Pile - Dripping

If you like any form of 90s indie/alt rock stuff then I guarantee you will love this. Cross my heart & and hope to die, scout's honour I swear you will fucking love this. For the past month or so I've played it at least once a day.

Totally one of those records I've been grabbing my friends by the lapels and screaming in their face to get them to check it out.

The excellent Kowloon Walled City posted the Pile bandcamp on their facebook doo-dah. They compared Pile to Harvey Milk, Polvo and Silkworm and mentioned how amazing the guitars are.

The guitars!! Oh my god, the guitars. You know how people like J Mascis in Dinosaur Jr and Bob Mould in Husker Du/Sugar and so on can really, really play the guitar? It's like that. Majestic. Still weird indie rock but done incredibly well.

Apart from the aforementioned bands I'll add things like Arcwelder, Meat Puppets and Pavement. Possibly even some slightly more mainstream sounds as well.

The absolute stand out tune is Bump A Grape. I remember doing my christmas shopping and just repeating it again and again as I stomped up and down Oxford Street. It builds and fades and builds and breaks just perfectly. It should be on a Sub Pop 7". A 7" that somehow gets picked and goes massive.

Have I made it clear enough yet that I think this record is fucking awesome?

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