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Thursday, 8 November 2012

British Murder Boys - Where Pail Limbs Lie

Buy here - http://boomkat.com/downloads/590693-bmb-british-murder-boys-where-pail-limbs-lie

British Murder Boys are back. If you're unaware it's a techno duo of Regis and Surgeon. And it's as good as that sounds.

Boomkat are selling the FLAC for a mere £2.50 Here's a bit of their blurb on it:-

Following a successful live reunion at the maiden Blackest Ever Black night in October 2011, Birmingham's infamous sons have re-entered the studio together, resulting in 'Where Pail Limbs Lie' for Mute's Liberation Technologies. They've practically picked up where they left in 2006, dealing in first class darkside techno. 'Dead Sun' works out their demons on a coercive, roiling rhythm - equal parts Surgeon shunt and the sort of body-gratifying rollige of Regis' Cub or upcoming Ugandan Methods material - mixed with howling synths and garotting strings leading to a superb outro. 'Another Country' is more reserved, introspective, built around hydraulic dub bass and steppin' drums with fibrillating synthlines and icy metallic drones for hypnotic effect. A welcome return. massively Recommended.

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