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Saturday, 18 January 2014

Gross Ex Machina - Ruiner

Bloodlet/Candiria/Starkweather/Botch/Today Is The Day/Nocturnus/Cave In style whatthefuckerry. Avant prog tech metal weirdness.

It's not an all out widdle fest though. Loads of sickening slow sludgey riffs in utterly fucked time signatures. Add Disembowelment to the list of bands for that bit actually.

Also makes me think of The Kevorkian Solution or Koreisch and the way they were off in their own little world of headfucking riffs.

The label blurb attempts to explain it:-

Lancaster Pennsylvanias GROSS EX MACHINA have meticulously crafted elements of grindcore, jazz, prog, post hardcore, and experimental electronic music to create a truly unique, avant-metal debut, RUINER.

This monster EP seamlessly transitions between a psychotic vortex of carnal aggression, beautifully layered guitar-scapes, sci-fi carnival music, and a deep lumbering wall of distortion. These elements alone have made way for G.E.M to blaze their own path through the mire of predictable metal and hardcore trends, while concurrently ruining preconceived notions of what “heavy” music is all about.

Not too far off the mark. The sci fi thing is definitely there. Occasional synth bits with spacey guitar fx etc. Oh, and occasional vocoder vocals.

Did i mention that it's really fucking good? Well, it is. Can't recommend it enough.

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