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Monday, 1 July 2013

Arc Neon - Blood Sport 2092

John Carpenter 80s film soundtrack synth worship that's not a million miles away from what the likes of Umberto, Zombi and Gatekeeper are doing.

This is the plot of the film:

"Welcome to Blood Sport, where the only prize is to die quickly."

"Set in the far corner of the galaxy this barbaric test of rage and evil is the only form of entertainment that's deemed legal by the Ultra-Mega Corps who now control the the intergalactic slave population. Each year the contestants are dropped on the dying planet of Zothique to do battle until only one stands victorious. However this year the body count might just be quadrupled..."

-You are condemned to Blood Sport.

Someone should make it.

gets a bit euphoric euro-trance towards the end of Remembering Past Winners though ;-)

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