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Saturday, 8 December 2012

Career Suicide - Attempted Suicide (Deranged)

Quite possibly the best hardcore punk album of the noughties. Actual songwriting with tons of hooks. Fast but not into thrashing or bleurgh territory. Slight 'rocking' edge to the guitar but keeping it simple.

They shared members with Fucked Up but, to my mind, Career Suicide are the vastly superior band. Love the 'concept' ideas Fucked Up come up with but, quite honestly, they're just not good enough musicians to back it all up. Career Suicide are far more straight forward, almost dull, lyrically. However, they've got the musical chops and frankly that's all that really matters.

It's all very much early 80s hardcore worship but the slightly more tuneful end. Probably sacrilege to say it but I reckon Career Suicide stand up perfectly well with 'the classics'. Not just a decent modern copycat band.

Basically, if you like hardcore punk stuff and don't check this album out then you're a fool.

P.S. The FLAC sounds vastly superior to the mp3 rip that's sat on my hard drive for years. Worth every penny to buy it.

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